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  • WCAX November 15, 2017 - Special on Direct Primary Care aired last night on WCAX Vermont!   see the segment below :   WCAX Vermont Direct Primary Care


At Hearthstone Health  we believe in comprehensive wellness management. When you get sick, you need access to your doctor. When you are well, your doctor needs the time to spend with you to keep you well. In recent years, the patient-doctor relationship has become compromised by a healthcare system burdened by increasing complexity, lack of transparency, and soaring costs.

We are part of a growing and innovative movement among primary care doctors that are providing direct care to our patients. What this means is that we put patient needs first, communicating and contracting directly with our patients, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

This streamlined approach allows for improved patient access, direct doctor-patient communication, and transparency in health care costs. This model also effectively removes “middle men” from the healthcare delivery model, allowing us to operate more efficiently and pass along cost savings to our patients.

This style of healthcare delivery is known as Direct Primary Care (DPC), which allows your doctor to spend the time necessary to provide comprehensive and complete primary care. It also allows simpler billing, with up-front costs for select generic medications, labs, and radiology.

As a patient in our practice, you have virtually 24/7 access to your doctor through various modes of communication (i.e., phone/email/text), as well as same day or next day appointments with your doctor.

Our practice is located in Townshend, VT in the West River Valley.